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World Patient Safety Day: “Elevate the voice of patients!”

The focus for this year's World Patient Safety Day, is on engaging patients for patient safety, in recognition of the crucial role patients, families and caregivers play in establishing the safety within the healthcare sector. This September will mark the fifth annual World Patient Safety Day.

The core values of the day, similar to that of the Humber & North Yorkshire MNVP (Maternity & Neonatal Voices Partnership), is to increase public awareness and engagement, enhance an understanding of the importance of patient care and work towards an enhancement of patient safety.

World Patient Safety Day will take place on Sunday 17th September 2023.

We wished to commemorate such an occasion as world patient safety day as our key vision and aims surround a core of being a kind and safe group for all. We do this by supporting and enabling our teams to consistently provide personalised, supportive, and informed care, with empathy, understanding and compassion to those who are looking for some additional support and care.

Please involve your local MNVP in decision and design of maternity services and please spread awareness of the MNVP by letting your service users know they can volunteer with us and help make a difference, by sharing their views, ensuring everyone’s voice can be heard and contributing to future developments.

We are aiming to include 3 key words of what the word safety means to you!

Please comment below on this blog your, 3 key words to be added to our MNVP Word Cloud in relation to WPSD!



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