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We want to hear about your maternity care so please share your experiences using our surveys:

You can share your feedback at any time in your maternity journey and we welcome comments from dads, partners and significant others too.

Hand on Bump

Use this quick survey if you want to share feedback

about one part of your maternity care:

Baby Learning to Walk
Maternity Care surveys

Maternity care has changed in many ways due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We would like to understand the impact of these changes on your maternity journey.

If you are pregnant please use this survey to share your experiences:

If you have had your baby at any time since 2019 (before or during the pandemic) we would also like to hear about the care you received from your midwives, please use this survey to share your experiences:

Maternity and Neonatal vision

The Local Maternity System was asked "To co-design and implement a vision for local maternity and neonatal services with local women through Maternity Voices Partnerships" as an action from the maternity services report published in 2020 (the interim Ockenden report).


To inspire the vision the Maternity Voices group is asking neonatal and maternity staff,

parents-to-be and new parents to share the three words that describe

your ideal maternity and neonatal care. Scan the QR code to share your 3 words:

The word clouds for staff (view here) and service users (view here) will be used by women, families and staff in workshops led by the Maternity Voices Partnerships in Humber and North Yorkshire to design the vision to be implemented across the area.

The co-designed vision statement will be shared across the LMS. It will be dynamic, reviewed and developed over time, to ensure implementation is useful and of benefit to both people providing and receiving maternity and neonatal care.

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