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York & Scarborough

About York & Scarborough MNVP

The Maternity Voices Partnership is local parents working together with people who provide and fund maternity care to develop services for people having a baby in the City of York. If you live in the area of York, you are very welcome to share your experiences with us too. Anyone from those going through the birth to those helping to deliver are most welcome to join our MVP community. 

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Helen McConnell, MNVP Chair for York & Scarborough


My name is Helen and I became a full time mum when my daughter was born and now she is 3. 


I wanted to start getting back into work therefore looked on the Mumbler website and the MVP chair role was advertised. The role seemed really interesting and it is in many ways. It is an alternative role to my previous careers (10yrs as a drama teacher, 5 years as an attachment in education specialist) but I really do love what I do. 


My personal interests lie within Equality and diversity, attachment and effective communication.


These are all areas I either have had experience with or would like to be more knowledgeable in. They are areas that I feel are also so important for fair living and they all translate directly to the success and positive experience of those using the maternity services.

Meet Your MNVP


What would you like to achieve as MNVP Chair?

I’d like to see support in growing our user involvement of the MVP service. I would also like to be able to contribute to raising our profile in the area and in particular reach under represented groups throughout the area of York. 


Llayda Gill, Engagement Lead for York & Scarborough


Meet Your New Engagement Lead

My name is Ilayda, I am a mum of two, an IBCLC Lactation Consultant and I have been working with pregnant & new families for around five years. 


My main interest is in infant feeding, however I am also very passionate about antenatal and birth care, particularly around birth rights, informed choices and hypnobirthing. 


I look forward to being an advocate and a voice for parents, and to be part of patient led change to maternity services.

Where can you find us?

Our meetings are usually quarterly and involve bringing together professionals from maternity services and other organisations working with women, parents, birthing people and families who use the services. The idea is to inform and guide professionals working at the hospital trusts about individual's experiences of the treatment they've received; being pregnant, giving birth and after care concerning their health and wellbeing.


We are looking for volunteers to help promote the MNVP group, and gather feedback from other parents from a wide background who want their voices to be heard. 


You can most certainly expect a warm and welcoming environment, with updates from maternity staff and group representatives as well as an update on the MVP action tracker. 

Next Meeting: Wednesday 04th October 2023 @ 10:00am Until 11:30am

Location: SPARK, York, YO1 9PB






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