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Mother and Baby

Useful Resources

Here you will be able to find the latest resources, support and information from the latest local maternity campaigns whether you are working in the field of maternity, becoming parents for the first time or supporting your family or friends with the recent birth of their child. 

Recent Campaigns


ICON is all about helping people who care for babies to cope with crying. ICON stands for …. * I – Infant crying is normal * C –Comforting methods can help * O – It’s OK to walk away * N – Never, ever shake a baby

Routine Checkup

Worrying about giving birth is normal, but if that fear is causing you to feel upset a lot of the time or feel like you no longer want your baby, you might need some support.


Providing care and support before, during and after pregnancy



ReachDeck, provides speech, reading and translation support for website users who may need additional support in these areas. Humber and North Yorkshire LMNS have made their content more accessible for people with dyslexia, literacy problems, English as a second language, and mild visual impairments. This enables a more versatile, adaptable and accessible approach for visitors to the LMNS website.  


Those who may need additional support with the website will have access to the ReachDeck toolkit which includes:


  • To have any text read out loud when hovered over it or when highlighting a paragraph.

  • To translate any text into 99 different languages.

  • To display word meanings through the picture dictionary.

  • To help the user focus on reading one passage at a time using a screen mask.

  • To create a simplified view of any webpage for the user.


For more information and to see how ReachDeck works please Click here (Video) OR Click Here (Document).




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