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Celebrate International Neo-Natal Screening Day!

Neonatal screening is a game changer in access to timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment for children suffering from serious and sometimes life-threatening disorders.

Today is a unique opportunity to raise awareness throughout the world about the importance of neonatal screening to speed-up diagnosis and treatment.

We are recognising the life changing benefits of early detection of diseases and the opportunities it offers in terms of early access to treatment through Neo-Natal Screening.

We celebrate the vision of those who have helped make neonatal screening possible and will, in turn, benefit more children suffering from a wider range of disorders.

What is Neonatal Screening:

Neonatal screening, also known as newborn screening, happens when your baby is one to two days old. They are able to have special tests done to check for more serious, rare but treatable health conditions just after birth. This includes blood, hearing, and heart screenings.

Why is it important to recognise today?

- This helps to raise awareness about the important role that neonatal screening can have in accessing timely treatment and to save the lives of our little ones.

- We are able to inform ourselves and consider the scientific advances in screening programmes.

- We are able to support and inform on the subject of newborn screening.

- We are able look over the benefits for families and their babies when it comes to screening them.

By raising awareness about the value of neonatal screening, we hope this interests you further as well as reassures you of the significance and importance that these tests can hold for your little loved one.

For more information about Neo-Natal Screening: INSD – INSD (



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