North and North East Lincolnshire Maternity Voices Partnership

The Maternity Voices Partnership is local parents working together with people who provide and fund maternity care to develop services for people having a baby in North & North East Lincolnshire.


So if you or your partner are having a baby or gave birth in the last three year we would like to hear from you. Your comments tell us what is already working well and help us to develop and improve services to be the best for local women and their families

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We have six partnership meetings each year, three in Scunthorpe and three in Grimsby; we use your feedback, local maternity projects and the national Maternity Transformation Program (Better Births) to steer our work each year. We welcome parents-to-be and new parents to join us at the meetings and share their own experiences and their views on the topics discussed. This helps us to develop maternity services with you, the people using these services, so we know the care provided is what you want and need.


How could 

we make

it better?

What was 

not good?

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What do we do?

Recently we have worked together to improve a number of information leaflets given to women during pregnancy to include clear and relevant information. The MVP has listened to your views on sales reps on the wards being “opt-in” rather than approaching all new parents and on partners staying over in Scunthorpe after birth – we are now working to implement these changes in the best way for everyone.


Who do we work with?

As well as midwives, obstetricians, health visitors, and children’s centre staff our partners include people providing specialist services. These include perinatal mental health support, bereavement support, healthy lifestyle support (such as smoking cessation) and we work with them to help ensure the needs of parents-to-be and new parents are met by their services.


Perinatal mental health

People sharing their experiences in our 2016 survey on emotional support helped secure transformational funding for the specialist perinatal mental health support service launched in May 2019 in our area ( and a bigger project to listen to new parents mental health experiences.


Find out more about this here  and if you have experienced any mental health problems during pregnancy or up to one year after baby was born take the survey here



Live in Lincolnshire?

If you live in Lincolnshire and have accessed care in Grimsby or Scunthorpe you are very welcome to share your experiences with us too. You could also feedback to Lincolnshire Maternity Voices Partnership 

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Current Lay Chair, Ruth Prentice, Mum of four