Get Involved

Shared your feedback and want to find out about how you can get more involved?

There are several ways you can get involved in your MVP:

Tell people about us!

We want everyone using maternity services in Humber and North Yorkshire to know about their Maternity Voices Partnership and have the chance to have their say so please spread the word.

  • Like and share on us social media

  • Take a leaflet for your expectant friends and colleagues

  • Tell us about any local groups or events we could attend to listen to people’s experiences.

To share your experiences and your views on other topics up for discussion. All meetings have a lay chair (a recent service user or a service user representative) and the views of everyone round the table are of equal importance.

Little ones are welcome to our meetings, which are usually held in child-friendly venues or virtually. For more information about meeting venues please go to your local MVP page.

meeting photo2018.jpg

Join us at one of our meetings!

By coming to a meeting you can also find out more about the role of our service user reps:

Service user representatives (reps) share the views of people who have given us feedback and represent people using maternity services in meetings making sure everyone’s voices are heard, even if that voice is a whisper…

Our service user reps also gather feedback from people on the wards and in the community, by visiting independent groups, attending community events and visiting groups at our children’s centres. This feedback is anonymous and by regularly listening to new parents we get a clear picture of what it’s like to have a baby now.


Experts by experience are people who have lived experiences of a particular symptom of pregnancy or birth, or aspect of care, this could be due the care received or the care they needed (and did or did not receive). We are always pleased to hear from anyone who has an experience they are willing to share and could use to influence positive changes.


If you want more information about the support

and training we can offer to our service

user reps please email your MVP.